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ISP Telecome has continued to expand the On-net Service coverage available to customer . The Telecom sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the way it works. The pressure to reduce costs and inefficiencies, provide more citizen-centric services, heed citizen voice, and streamline operations and infrastructure with appropriate systems and processes are compelling governments to look for new ways to address these challenges.

The traditional services would now contribute to roughly 40% of the total business and the focus would be more on the next gen services which would include hi-speed internet, wireless, IPTV, IoT, hosted VoIP among others. Every wave of innovation gives opportunities to rebalance strategies. The CSPs should adopt a four pronged strategy to regain the market position.
Our IT solutions & services for Telecom are geared to help them serve the citizens better through innovative and industry-specific Telecom SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP software & Data Center on Cloud and colocation solutions focused on citizen-orientation and superior Telecom Sector.