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Transform your Business – BIG DATA & IOT in Today’s World

Expert insights into big data, Internet of Things, and beyond

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.
For most organizations, big data is the reality of doing business. It’s the proliferation of structured and unstructured data that floods your organization on a daily basis – and if managed well, it can deliver powerful insights. Imagine being able to analyze data to determine the root cause of failures. Or detect fraudulent behavior before it affects revenue. Implementing the right solutions to make the most of your big data – from data management to analytics – can be key to your business success.

Make better decisions faster with in-memory database management systems that safeguard compliance and optimize storage and analytics. Run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions, Choose from cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment. Access real-time data at your fingertips. Gain a single view of the truth across the organization

History of Big Data

The term “big data” refers to data that is so large, fast or complex that it’s difficult or impossible to process using traditional methods. The act of accessing and storing large amounts of information for analytics has been around a long time. But the concept of big data gained momentum in the early 2000s when industry analyst Doug Laney articulated the now-mainstream definition of big data as the three V’s:

Why Is Big Data Important?

The importance of big data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but what you do with it. You can take data from any source and analyze it to find answers that enable ,:cost reductions, time reductions, new product development and optimized offerings, and smart decision making. When you combine big data with high-powered ANALYTICS, you can accomplish business-related tasks such as:
Determining root causes of failures, issues and defects in near-real time.
Generating coupons at the point of sale based on the customer’s buying habits.
Recalculating entire risk portfolios in minutes.
Detecting fraudulent behavior before it affects your organization.

Make intelligent connections with our DATA Analytics solutions

Take full advantage of one of your most valuable assets – your data – with business analytics from SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. Use advanced tools and embedded machine learning to get the fast,

intelligent insights you need to adapt on the fly and outmaneuver the competition.Analytics Discover deep insights and simplify access to critical information to drive better business outcomes and accelerate growth. Visualize insights with intuitive business intelligence. Drive better business outcomes with collaborative enterprise planning. Turn insights into action with end-to-end capabilities. Accelerate growth with augmented analytics powered by AI and machine learning

Solve your specific business analytics needs

Enable a smart, best-run business with help from, Microsoft Dynamics & Data Center Explore use cases for predictive analytics, analytics in the cloud, and specific industries to learn how our customers use analytics technologies to become best-run businesses.Enable a smart, best-run business with help from Indo Asia Global Technologies Explore use cases for predictive analytics, analytics in the cloud, and specific industries to learn how our customers use analytics technologies to become best-run businesses. Innovate faster by moving analytics data to the cloud Discover how you can deliver innovation and business value by integrating modern analytics solutions with thse agility and scalability of the cloud from our SAP & Microsoft BI Analytics 2019 Strategy and Roadmaps webinar.

Service Offerings : Choose market-leading business data analytics

Find out how you can gain more contextual and actionable insights to improve your top and bottom lines by embedding analytics within business applications.
Learn how data science, technology, and business teams are finding ways to meet increasing demand for predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML) models – in this SAP-commissioned Forrester study. Discover how midsize companies can transform from data-driven organisations to insights-driven organisations to make better decisions for growth and success
Discover how midsize companies can transform from data-driven organisations to insights-driven organisations to make better decisions for growth and success

Internet of Things

Indo Asia Global extends cybersecurity and data intelligence to the IoT Edge

Introducing a comprehensive IoT security architecture that improves availability, reliability and safety for operational environments while simplifying the edge to multi-cloud data flow.Internet of Things is revolutionizing the world to make it smarter and better. IoT is a network of connected devices with an ability to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. It helps organizations optimize their business processes and add value to their end customers by integrating Digital Technology with physical assets.

What do you need to succeed with IoT?

Indo Asia Global Technologies has a focused and dedicated team of IoT experts and have provided impactful IoT solutions to customers across Supply Chain, Retail, Hospitality etc. We handhold customers in their journey of implementing IoT solutions right from the stage of identifying the platform, aligning the technology/tools, developing POCs to realize ROI early and then implementing the complete solution, followed by adequate post implementation support.
Internet of Things (or IoT) and its impact on everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way manufacturers keep track of inventory. But what is the Internet of Things? How does it work? And is it really that important?

Leverage our end-to-end IoT portfolio

Interconnecting assets, applications, and data so you can uncover transformative business insights.

Cyber Security

Get complete visibility and control across your network to help protect your IoT deployment and your business.

Extend your IT network across your enterpriseExtend the powerful capabilities of your existing network to your IoT deployment—wherever it may be.
Benefit with Extended Enterprise
Transform your business by extending intent-based networking to the IoT Edge.
Automate and go fastReduce costs with centralized operations extending to the outdoor/industrial network.
Act with insight
Increase IT productivity by monitoring the complete network topology for easy troubleshooting.
Protect the business
Address threats and vulnerabilities by expanding consistent policies out to rugged environments.

Reliable, scalable, and secure wireless access

IoT Tools & Technologies

Increase plant productivity and worker safety as you digitize your operations in hazardous environments. Embed the advantages of Indo Asia Global Technologies o Resilient Wireless into your solutions.

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Diverse business operations and technology applications results in diverse data, to leverage it to the business advantage, the business analytics solutions need to be redefined to a smarter mechanism . The Analytics driven insights need to focus on variety of adaptable mythologies which can be mended to the business processes and improve the efficiency. While Focusing on the New age technologies companies tend to forget the key enablers of the business analytics solutions
Predict trends
Increase customer demand
Reduce the Cost YoY
Improve the efficiency
A Microsoft Data Analytics , Indo Asia Global Technologies offers a comprehensive kit of data analytics services to convert our customers’ historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights.