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Manage your enterprise data efficiently to optimise analytics and insights and improve business outcomes.

In the world of Agile Software development, “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Delivery” have been creating several challenges for Developers and Operations since the very beginning. The list of challenges is huge; however, let’s have a look on one of challenge faced in Continuous Delivery.

Enable intelligent data management

Build a foundation for data-driven intelligence with solutions that manage, govern, and integrate your enterprise data to feed analytics and drive confident business decisions.
CIOs and IT departments face continued pressure to quickly react to business change, reduce IT costs and increase the value they get from their existing applications. They look to Fujitsu to help them consolidate and transform their application portfolios through integrating existing business applications and implementing custom solutions.

Custom DATABASE Application Development & Maintenance Services

Indo Asia Global Technologies are a seamless back-end technology partner invested in ensuring that your business processes continue to operate optimally and without interruption.

Information Governance and Metadata Management

Establish the trust and understanding of your information assets to anticipate risk and drive better business outcomes.

Turn your data into business value

Database and data management solutions are a core part of the Business Technology Platform, providing the ability to handle the growing amounts of data stored in multiple locations with controlled access for your entire organisation to analyse and act on a single version of the truth.
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Database Integration in a Modern IT Environment

The old days of running organizations ‘from the server room’ aren’t quite over, but cloud technology is poised to power the next wave of database integration. They deployment style that an organization chooses is primarily dependent upon existing operations. For example, a company with a legacy, on-premises data center will probably choose a local database integration solution to impact operations with minimal retooling. Newer businesses, though, are taking advantage of cloud-native environments, which offer efficient pricing structures, infinite scalability, and no upfront hardware capital. For companies somewhere in the middle, hybrid approaches bridge the gap between local legacy architectures and the cloud.

On-Premises Database Integration

On-premises database integration supports traditional, on-site network infrastructures. Often sold as stand-alone products, on-premises solutions install locally and interact with existing hardware and databases to cleanse, monitor, and transform data for business intelligence

Cloud Database Integration

Cloud database integration solutions are cloud-native, and run as part of an infrastructure—interacting in the background with all data transactions occurring across the enterprise.

Hybrid Database Integration

Combining elements of on-premises and cloud, a hybrid database integration approach leverages a cloud-based SaaS that synchronizes and manages data between local and remotely hosted resources. Good database integration solutions correlate and cleanse cloud-based and on-premises data, providing a uniform working information set across the mixed environment. The best ones interact seamlessly with other SaaS solutions and provide simple GUI interfaces, providing decision-makers with a 360-degree view of all operations and interactions