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The Banking and Financial Investment, Insurance Markets industry is witnessing unprecedented competition. Not only from traditional providers but also transform via Digital software Technology transformation from retail, BigTech and others.

Financial services are no longer limited to banking and lending. Introducing innovative service products is only way to win new customers and remain competitive in the industry.

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Indo Asia Global Technologies experts advise you the right digital strategy for your organization, provide IT Data Center and ERP solutions that best fit your financial institution’s business criteria and support or expand upon your organization’s core market.

To transform profit and grow, organizations need to create new customer engagement benchmarks via IT ERP software, find new ways to generate revenue and continue adapting and to reduce expense. The world’s leading banks and capital market firms collaborate with ”Indo Asia Global Technology” to reimagine their business models to meet the evolving demands from the market, customers, partners and the regulators in modern technologies.As a trusted partner, we facilitate speed to market, adherence to risk and compliance, and adoption of SAMRT TECHNOLOGY to DEAL with Security threats.

BLOCK CHAIN Technology for BANK’s I Indo Asia Global Technologies

In the case of banking, several spheres of blockchain are compatible with financial services, them being a network of information, ledger accounting, and transaction system. The network that blockchain offers refers to complete communication of vital information among all participants within the system.

Blockchain Technology fruitful for Banking & Financial Services . However, most banks we surveyed are still in the early stages of adoption, with about three-quarters either involved in a proof-of-concept, formulating their blockchain strategy, or just beginning to look into it. Regardless of progress, the most prevalent use cases banks are studying involve intra-bank cross-border transfers.remittances, corporate paymentsprority, and inter-bank cross-border transfers are receiving comparatively less attention. Hope to deploy blockchain, executives expect a wide range of benefits, including lower costs, quicker settlement, fewer errors and exceptions, and new revenue opportunities.


Blockchain and distributed ledgers have a bright future. As real-time, open-source and trusted platforms that securely transmit data and value, they can help banks not only reduce the cost of processing payments, but also create new products and services that can generate important new revenue streams.

Blockchain is the Future. Cryptocurrencies of all types make use of distributed ledger technology known as blockchain. Blockchains act as decentralized systems for recording and documenting transactions that take place involving a particular digital currency. The biggest key to turning blockchain’s potential into reality is a collaborative effort among banks to create the network necessary to support global payments. Banks need to look at the bigger picture and work together—and with non-banks—to help define the backbone that can underpin a universally accepted, ubiquitous global payment system that can transform how banks execute transactions. In the words of one executive we interviewed: “The technology will only work if everyone adopts it. It has to be all or nothing.”

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Our Banking Solution Services are: We modify the way the world’s leading banks operates. concentrate on conveying great IPR based programming products & services. We support mission-critical infrastructure and banking software applications that pull insights from data to help you better engage with users and customers.