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Build a foundation for an intelligent enterprise

Modernize business processes and better serve customers with an open platform that enables you to choose from the latest cloud-native technologies and major hyper-scaler infrastructures.
In the world of Agile Software development, “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Delivery” have been creating several challenges for Developers and Operations since the very beginning. The list of challenges is huge; however, let’s have a look on one of challenge faced in Continuous Delivery.
CIOs and IT departments face continued pressure to quickly react to business change, reduce IT costs and increase the value they get from their existing applications. They look to Fujitsu to help them consolidate and transform their application portfolios through integrating existing business applications and implementing custom solutions.

Custom Application Development & Maintenance Services

Indo Asia Global Technologies are a seamless back-end technology partner invested in ensuring that your business processes continue to operate optimally and without interruption.
Our custom software application development & maintenance services address our clients’ key strategic business goals. Leveraging our Agile Shoring methodology, we help speed your application development processes according to best industry practices.

Intelligent Business Process Management

Discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, and automate business processes to maximise efficiency and value
Automate structured processes, repetitive tasks, and decisions
Achieve end-to-end visibility and insights into processes
Gain tangible results when optimising business processes
Manage all your business processes on one platform
Leverage SAP & Microsoft Dynamics, Payroll & EPPS Cloud Platform capabilities for business processes

Enterprise Extensions

Extend SAP, & Microsoft Dynamics, Payroll & EPPS solutions in a fast and agile way without disrupting key business processes.
Develop robust and scalable cloud-native applications quickly
Extend solutions as key differentiators
Create innovative ways to operate more efficiently
Serve the needs of employees and customers better
Leverage SAP, & Microsoft Dynamics, Payroll & EPPS Cloud Platform capabilities for enterprise extensions

Digital Experience

Advance and personalise the user experience for your customers, partners, and employees across all digital touch points.
Build intuitive business applications for mobile, Web, and conversational channels
Connect people, processes, data, and devices everywhere
Streamline user experience design, development, and collaboration
Leverage SAP, & Microsoft Dynamics, Payroll & EPPS Cloud Platform capabilities for digital experience

Integration Suite

Integrate applications on premise and in the cloud, while securely connecting people, processes, data, and devices.
Simplify enterprise integration
Choose from multicloud and hybrid environments
Gain real-time, trusted access to SAP, & Microsoft Dynamics, Payroll & and non-ERP data
Get preconfigured business process integrations and third-party open connectors
Leverage SAP, & Microsoft Dynamics, Payroll & Cloud Platform capabilities for process integration

Turn your data into business value

Application development and integration solutions are a core part of the Business Technology Platform, providing ways to extend, integrate, and build applications for better business outcomes.

Fast-track your Business Technology Platform journey with Indo Asia Global Technology ERP cloud Platform

Power agile business process innovation in the cloud
ERP Cloud Platform helps users achieve business process excellence, deliver engaging digital experiences, and simplify data-driven innovation with a multicloud architecture.