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Indo Asia Technology Portfolio Management Platform

“I can manage my software licensing portfolio more efficiently with the Portfolio Management Platform”

Discover the Possibilities for Software Consolidation behind Your Numbers

Kinds of purchasing agents for software licenses, license managersadministratorsanalytics, security personnel and CIOs wish they had many more insight into their software portfolio. Unfortunately, their current recording and analysis methods only provide them with an incomplete and inadequate overview of their software inventory.

Software asset management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications within an organization. Software licensing provides visibility, oversight, and tools to help companies prioritize and manage current as well as future needs and demands. More broadly defined, the strategic goals of SAM often include (but are not limited to) the following: Their are several challenges in the software are:

Precise software information: “we don’t know the accurate numbers of the software programs we using and the manufacturers the software was obtained from, or their respective service pack, patch updating  and software support levels.” Indo Asia Technology offers a variety of software licensing solutions (Os , database, and Aanlytics) for different types and sizes of firms, with different –different of business needs, budget levels and IT capabilities

  • Software consolidation:“I would need a database which enables me to consolidate my software licensing in order to reduce costs and operating efforts level.”
  • Reduce software and support costs by negotiating volume contract agreements and eliminating or reallocating underutilized software licenses.
  • Enforce compliance with corporatesecurity policies and desktop/server/mobile standards
  • Improve worker productivity by deploying the right kinds of technology more quickly and reliably

Software Security risks: 

  • Limit overhead associated with managing and supporting software by streamlining and/or automating IT processes (such as inventory tracking, software deployment,issue tracking, and patch management
  • Establish ongoing policies and procedures surrounding the acquisition, documentation, deployment, usage and retirement of software in an effort to recognize long-term benefits of SAM
  • “I don’t know if there is any software endangering our IT security like illegal portable database, apps or software that has run out of manufacturer support, for example. Hence, I’m not able to eliminate those.”
  • Benefits of savings potential, e.g. through consolidation
  • The elimination of security risks

Transform Your Software Compliance Data into Tangible Benefits With the <INDO ASIA TECHNOLOGY > Portfolio Management Platform, you get a better overview of your software. Your installed software is automatically recorded using <INDO ASIA TECHNOLOGY > Inventory or your existing inventory software and thoroughly qualified using the <INDO ASIA TECHNOLOGY > Profiler service – all at the push of a button and for many more manufacturersand fingerprints. Your uniquely identified software is clearly presented in your <INDO ASIA TECHNOLOGY > Dashboard, which shows you  with categories and numbers of functions for your ongoing data analysis – evaluate your software with regard to versions, functions, languages and license types or  service patch levels for example, and discover previously unused optimization potentials. Easyy Control of Your Software Portfolio with the <Indo Asia Technology  > Dashboard Check and update your Patch Levels and Consolidate software with overlapping functions

Take Control of Your Software Licenses. Reduce Risks and Save IT spending.

  • Get an overall picture of over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software by referring to the software dashboard.
  • Reduce license management risks and stay compliant by tracking license expiry dates and being notified in advance.
  • Optimize license purchases by having a consolidated view on the number of unused and rarely used licenses.
  • Detect license violations automatically by scheduling periodic scans of workstations and sail through audits easily.

 Reduce your purchasing and operating costs:

  • Consolidate software with overlapping functions and negotiate a higher purchasing volume with a smaller number of manufacturers
  • Sort out software no longer being used or long-since discontinued by the manufacturer

Consolidate your software inventory to lower support and training expenditure Avoid security risks and penalty fees:

  • Identify those software products which are no longer supported
  • Locate and remove “illegally” installed software like portable apps and games
  • Automatically analyze the patch level you are on with the latest available
  • Software licenses typically are eitherproprietary, free or open source, the distinguishing feature being the terms under which users may redistribute or copy the software for future development or use.
  • Software licenses typically provide end users with the right to one or more copies of the software without violatingcopyrights.
  • The license also defines the responsibilities of the parties entering into the license agreement and may impose restrictions on how the software can be used.
  • Software licensing terms and conditions usually include fair useof the software, the limitations of liability, warranties and disclaimers and protections if the software or its use infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

Improve your position at the Indo Asia Technology  and when negotiating with manufacturers:

  • Make decisions based on precise facts instead of assumptions
  • Analyze your software data yourself and debate with IT colleagues and specialist departments on a level playing field
  • Create verifiable added value to achieve your personal goals and strengthen your role at the Indo Asia Technology
  • Software inventory tools intelligently “discover” software installed across the computer network, and collect software file information such as title, product ID, size, date, path, and version.
  • License manager solutions provide an intelligent repository for license entitlements which can then be reconciled against data provided by Software inventory tools to provide the organization with an ‘Effective License Position’ or view of where the organization is under-licensed (at risk of a compliance audit) or over-licensed (wasting money on unnecessary software purchases).
  • Software metering tools monitor the utilization of software applications across a network. They can also provide real-time enforcement of compliance for applications licensed based on usage.
  • Application control tools restrict what and by whom particular software can be run on a computer as a means of avoiding security and other risks.
  • Software deployment tools automate and regulate the deployment of new software.
  • Patch management tools automate the deployment of software patches to ensure that computers are up-to-date and meet applicable security and efficiency standards.
  • Request management tools allow employees to place requests for software products using a centralized form and process specifically designed to capture and assess specific license requirements as well as to manage and track the procurement and deployment process.
  • Product catalog tools capture product specific information such as name, edition, version and license agreement types as well as other key top level information for products used within the business. This information normalizes product naming conventions with the organization and allows mapping between other technologies tools used in the composite SAM solution.

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